Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ding 10 lol

So I've finally made it to level 10. I can finally dual wield, I can sprint, I have talents, life is good. Things 2 levels above me are now less of a threat, although that really isn't saying much. I have to pick my battles; more mobs = bad. Now all I need are some decent greens to keep my armor up and my attacks on the painful side. I haven't really noticed much of a need for stats at this point, but, as it is, level 10 doesnt offer much in the way of uber stats. Anywho, I have arrived in The Barrens, and I now call Crossroads home. Hopefully I can either build up enough self-reserve to grind for xp, otherwise I'll be stuck with quests that bounce me all over the place. Whoo Barrens.

-Getting to lvl 10 was a pain, just because of travel times. That walk between Org and RH is a royal pain in the ass.
-I NEED another dagger. Skinning knives just don't cut it.
-I actually wore the starting boots all the way to lvl 10. Impressive, no? Didn't think so.
-Next post at level 15. Ish.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It Begins....

So welcome to the NR Project, or Naked Rogue Project. This is designed to be a supplement to the Naked Troll Project, in that I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, but with a rogue. Also the Naked Troll is a freind of mine. I started my character today, a troll rogue on the same server as the NT, so that we may at some point work together to spread the word of WoW being easy. I'll try to post after each play session, because every day is impossible at the moment.


I've reached Razor Hill in Durotar in about 30 mins of play time. So far, so good. But, of course, rogues have such a high damage rate that this isnt really that difficult. So anyway, I'm at Razor Hill, currently waiting my next play slot, where I can choose professions and hopefully hit level 10.

-Rogues do a bit more damage than I remember. Maybe im just fuzzy.
-Not wearing armor so far has been a breeze. It's almost too easy.
-Next post at an indeterminite time, as I am WAY behind on homework. Damn college.